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Laura Hernández

September 6, 1960: Born in Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

1976 - 1980: Studies at La Esmeralda National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving
Laura Hernandez, Painter

2009 Misticismo y poesía”. Casa Lamm Gallery. Mexico, DF.
2008-2007 “Yin”.  A project to benefit the Art Student Scholarship Fund/ Jose Drudis-Biada Art Gallery, Moun St. Mary’s College. Los Angeles, California.
2006 “Mit Offenen Armen”. Bank in Bistum Essen. Essen, Germany.
2006 “Laura Hernandez”.  48 recent works, oils and watercolors. BB. Atelierhaus Westfalenhutte. Dormunt, Germany.
2006 “Laura Hernandez”.  50 watercolors and oils paintings. GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, Bochum, Germany.
2005Laura Hernandez”. Recent Works. The Brook Club. New York.
2004 “Dos de Noviembre” (Altar). Herdez Foundation. Mexico, D.F.
2004 “The eternal femenine. Pablo Goebel Fine Arts Gallery. San Francisco, California.
2003 Recent Works.  Pablo Goebel Fine Arts Gallery. Mexico, D.F.
2001 “Inaugural Exhibition”. Mexican Embassy. Berlin, Germany.
2000 “Monumental Corporate Exhibit”. Funk House. Berlin, Germany.
1999 “Azul”. Casa Lamm Gallery, Mexico D,F.
1998 “Omnia”. (20,000 sq. Ft. exhibition). Museum of Latin American Art. Long Beach, California.
1998 “Recent Works”.  Bond Latin Gallery. San Francisco, California.
1997 “Omnia”. Bochum Museum. Bochum, Germany.
1996 “Recent Works”. Bond Latin Gallery. San Francisco, California.
1994 “Recent Works”. Loerakker Gallery. Amsterdam, Holland.

2009 “Casa Lamm y sus artistas“ .  CasaLamm  Gallery . Mexico DF
2009 “Entre paréntesis”. MACO Museum. Oaxaca, Mexico.

2008 “Historia de Mujeres”. Artists in the XX th Century Mexico, Marco Museum, Monterrey, Mexico.
2007 “Xhua Shela Nhaban Chechho”/ “El maíz es nuestra vida” Natural History Museum Mexico, D.F.
2005 “Altares” Muros Museum. Cuernavaca, Morelos.
2001 “Recent Works”.  International Art Festival. Magdeburg, Germany.
2001 “Propios y Extraños”. MACO/ Museum of Contemporary Art Oaxaca. Mexico.
1996 “The Best of Latinoamerica”. Mexican Museum. San Francisco, California.
1994 “Myth and Magic”. Mexican Cultural Institute. Palo Alto, California.
1994 “Pintura Oaxaqueña”. Mexican Cultural Institute. Washington, D.C.
1993 Le Sourcier de la Form”. Artes, Nevers, Paris, France.
1993 “Europalia 1993”. Kunsthal Museum. Rotterdam, Holland.
1992 “Le Sourcier de la Form”.  Couvent Des Cordeliers. Paris, France.
1991 “Laura Hernandez”. Francis Puchinelli Gallery. Santa Barbara, California.
1990 “Multi Gallery Exhibition”. MACO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oaxaca, Mexico.
1986 “Memento Mori”. Centro Cultural de Arte Contemporaneo. Mexico.

2000 - to the present day. “Yolotl Ludica”.  Special Multigallery Monumental Museum Work. Multimedia work with painting, sculpture, music, dance, technology and light.
1997- 2002  “Omnia”. Special Multigallery Monumental Museum Work. 20, 000 sq. ft. installation with painting and sculpture.
1991 “Vuelta” Encounter. Monumental paintings for the TV sponsored conference featuring the Nobel-Prize awarded winner Octavio Paz. Televisa. 100 Murals.

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